Thursday, April 18, 2013

[Review] The Luxe (Luxe, #1)

Borrowing book from school library is very enjoyable. Because I do not have to pay dearly to read a book, of course ^ ^

The Luxe tells so much intrigue going on in the social circles in Manhattan, New York, in 1899. Elizabeth Holland, the eldest daughter of the Holland family, -one of the most respected family-, has a love story that should not happen with Will Keller, a coachman who worked at Elizabeth’s home. Elizabeth’s servant, Lina Broud, who also has feelings of love for Will, eventually come to hate her master.

The conflict began when a fact that the late father of Elizabeth left so many debts to his family, making the Holland family economic conditions become so bad. Mrs. Holland and Mr. Schoonmaker old finally took the initiative for the match of Elizabeth with the only son of Schoonmaker family, Henry. They also receive their engagement for the sake of their families, even though Elizabeth still loves Will and Henry still in a relationship with Penelope Hayes, who is also a friend of Elizabeth.

Behind the engagement of Liz and Henry, Henry was attracted to Diana Holland, Elizabeth's sister. Likewise Diana is attracted to Henry.

How is the continuation of their story?
Soon find this book in your school library * eh-_-*

This novel is so real flow. Anna Godbersen blend so well with the story becomes so real.
Only I did not find a message that hit behind this story. That's why I just gave it four stars.

I want to read the next series ~ ~ ~

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